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Submit Your Ideas

Submit Pattern & Supply Ideas

Would you like to see additional project patterns and related supplies available on our website and in our print catalog?

Just let us know and we’ll consider designing the project patterns (or finding them for you) and making the supplies available through Scroller. Our goal is to be your one-stop shopping source for all your scroll saw crafting needs.

You may submit Ideas by phone [1-800-486-6053], fax [810-735-2481], or mail to: Scroller ~ Attn: New Project Ideas ~ 8350 Silver Lake Road, Linden, Michigan 48451

Submit Ideas by email:

Or using the convenient form below:

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Submit your Original Projects

Do you have an original project you have made from your own ideas? Do you think your fellow scroll sawyers would enjoy making it? If so, we might be interested in it!

Although our in-house staff designs most of our own projects, Scroller is sometimes interested in purchasing the rights to independently designed, original projects that we feel our customers might enjoy making.

The amount of payment we offer depends upon many variables—the originality and salability of the concept, the amount of work it will take for our staff to create a marketable pattern from the concept and the amount of catalog space it will take to properly promote such a project.

We will consider all forms of submittals—anything from a paragraph of text or a simple sketch expressing an idea to a totally finished project with a professionally drawn pattern.

Upon a favorable review of your Submittal, we will contact you with further details. If you do not hear from us within 90 days, you should assume your project did not receive a favorable review. Because of the volume of Submittals we receive, we cannot guarantee acknowledgement of individual Submittals nor return of materials sent.

Thank you for thinking of Scroller. We look forward to reviewing the original scroll sawing project presented in your Submittal.

Making an Original Project Submittal

To submit your original project or idea for consideration, first read and understand the Project Submittal Policy below. Then, along with the Submittal information listed below, you must send us a cover letter containing the following statement and information:

The enclosed information depicts a project of my own original design that I wish to submit for your consideration. I have read, fully understand and agree to the Project Submittal Policy and all conditions as stated on the Scroller website in making this Submittal.

  • Title of Project (Submittal)_____________________________
  • Your name(Submitter)________________________________
  • Company Name (if any)_______________________________
  • Street Address_____________________________________
  • City, State, Zip______________________________________
  • Daytime Phone Number_______________________________
  • Signature__________________________________________
  • Date Signed___________________________

Project Submittal Information: Include with your Submittal any of the following that are available for your original project:

  1. Photographs of the completed project
  2. Additional photos showing construction details
  3. General instructions that may help clarify the concept
  4. Plans for the project (professionally drawn or otherwise)
  5. Full-size patterns of pertinent project pieces
  6. Date that you conceived the project idea
  7. Date that you made the project in your photographs

All materials should be mailed, postage paid, to:
Attn: New Project Ideas
8350 Silver Lake Road
Linden, MI 48451

Project Submittal Policy

As you might expect, Scroller receives numerous information packets on original scroll sawing projects (Submittals), everything from project concepts to professionally drawn and packaged patterns ready for resale. Further, Scroller’s own in-house staff of artists and designers is continuously researching and creative brainstorming for ideas for its own new scroll saw projects, and, as a result, has built its own extensive collection of thousands of design ideas and conceptual sketches which it draws upon prior to publishing each catalog.

In making your Project Submittal, you must understand the above and also that:

  1. Scroller has received and in the future will receive Submittals by numerous third parties that may contain concepts similar to what is contained in your Submittal.
  2. Scroller may already have been working on, prior to its receipt of your Submittal, project concepts similar to what is contained in your Submittal.
  3. There is no legal protection available (including copyright) for the ideas themselves that may be contained within your Submittal.
  4. You have no current financial interest in or contractual relationship with Scroller.
  5. Materials sent to Scroller will not be returned
  6. You will be entitled to compensation with respect to the Submittal only if, along with your Submittal, you send us a signed cover letter as detailed above, receive a subsequent Proposal and enter into a formal, binding, written Contract with Scroller.

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