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Vintage Motorcycle Sign Pattern Vintage Motorcycle Sign Pattern

NEW!  Dress up any wall in your garage or man cave with this vintage looking design. Achieve fantastic results by simply adhering Copper Sheeting (sold below) to 1/4" thick plywood. Cut out pieces using our metal cutting blades (#BL57M) then, add a little paint, rough up the edges using sandpaper and mount to the backer. (16" tall)

Item #: 9009SC

Copper Sheeting Copper Sheeting

Heavy duty, 12" x 12" x 34 gauge copper sheets. Dozens of uses!!

Item #: COP12

SHARKTOOTH <BR>Scroll Saw Blades <br>Metal Cutting - Plain End SHARKTOOTH
Scroll Saw Blades
Metal Cutting - Plain End

5" Plain Metal Cutting Scroll Saw Blades - 1 Dozen

Price Reduced to $3.80 per dozen for 6 to 11 dozen
Price Further Reduced to $3.60 per dozen for a Gross!!

Add items to your cart to see final pricing.

*Ok to mix & match different sizes of the
same blade for 6 to 12 dozen pricing.

Description Item # Price Qty
#0--55 TPI BL50M $3.95
#3--40 TPI BL53M $3.95
#5--33 TPI BL55M $3.95
#7--27 TPI BL57M $3.95

Finnish Plywood Panels Finnish Plywood Panels

High grade Finnish Birch panels resist warping and moisture, won't separate like other plywood.
(Not to be confused with lower grade Baltic Birch plywood)

Grade S/BB Plywood typically yields one clear face. Please note
natural imperfections and minor defects such as patches, knots,
joints, repaired splits and color variations on one or both faces
are industry acceptable characteristics of Grade S/BB Plywood.

Available in several sizes in 5/32" and 1/4" thicknesses.

Save up to 17% when you buy 5-9 panels!
Save up to 28% when you buy 10 or more panels!
(Add items to your Cart to see final pricing.)

Sizes listed may vary up to 3/16"

Description Item # Price Qty
5/32"thick x 8" x 9-1/2" FPLY $2.59
5/32"thick x 6" x 12" FPLY2 $2.59
5/32"thick x 12" x 12" FPLY512 $3.79
5/32"thick x 16" x 16" FPLY516 $5.99
5/32"thick x 8" x 24" FPLY5248 $4.59
5/32"thick x 12 x 24" FPLY52412 $6.99
5/32"thick x 24" x 24" FPLY524 $12.99
1/4"thick x 12 x 12" FPLY412 $4.99
1/4"thick x 16" x 16" FPLY416 $8.59
1/4"thick x 16" x 24" FPLY4 $11.99