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Spindle Bug Pattern Set #3 Spindle Bug Pattern Set #3

NEW!  Easily make these beautiful works of art to display indoors or out using Wire, Wooden Spindles, Wooden Balls and a little plywood. Pattern includes complete instructions and patterns for both the Butterfly (18" wide) and the Dragonfly (14-1/2" wide) shown.

Item #: 8994SC

Scroll Saw Tape/Adhesive Scroll Saw Tape/Adhesive

A revolutionary breakthrough!!  This AMAZING two-sided adhesive product works double duty -- not only does it beautifully adhere paper patterns to wood, but it also aids in keeping your scroll saw blade lubricated to cut down on unwelcome scorching while scrolling (no more having to sandwich your pattern in between strips & strips of blue painter's and clear packaging tape, saving you time & money!)  Scroll Saw Tape is a snap to use and comes in rolls that are 8-1/2" wide, in your choice of 5' or 20' lengths.  It's easily repositionable yet sticks firmly to wood while scrolling.  Clean-up is a breeze -- tape peels off effortlessly, leaves no annoying residue AND can be reused as project sizes permit.  We think you're going to like this new "Stick 'n Release" Scroll Saw Tape as much as we do and as always, we welcome your feedback!

Description Item # Price Qty
20' Roll SST20 $23.95
5' Roll SST5 $9.95

Wooden Spindles Wooden Spindles

Quality turned & sanded wood Spindles in 3 lengths.
Available in red/white oak* or lower cost birch/maple*.

Save 9-20% when you buy 10 or more!
Add items to your Cart to see final pricing.

*may be either wood species li

Description Item # Price Qty
6" Birch or Maple SP6 $1.29
9" Birch or Maple SP9 $2.19
11" Birch or Maple SP11 $2.49
6" Red or White Oak SP6K $1.69
9" Red or White Oak SP9K $2.99
11" Red or White Oak SP11K $3.19

Finnish Plywood Panels Finnish Plywood Panels

High grade Finnish Birch panels resist warping and moisture, won't separate like other plywood.
(Not to be confused with lower grade Baltic Birch plywood)

Grade S/BB Plywood typically yields one clear face. Please note
natural imperfections and minor defects such as patches, knots,
joints, repaired splits and color variations on one or both faces
are industry acceptable characteristics of Grade S/BB Plywood.

Available in several sizes in 5/32" and 1/4" thicknesses.

Save up to 17% when you buy 5-9 panels!
Save up to 28% when you buy 10 or more panels!
(Add items to your Cart to see final pricing.)

Sizes listed may vary up to 3/16"

Description Item # Price Qty
5/32"thick x 8" x 9-1/2" FPLY $2.59
5/32"thick x 6" x 12" FPLY2 $2.59
5/32"thick x 12" x 12" FPLY512 $3.79
5/32"thick x 16" x 16" FPLY516 $5.99
5/32"thick x 8" x 24" FPLY5248 $4.59
5/32"thick x 12 x 24" FPLY52412 $6.99
5/32"thick x 24" x 24" FPLY524 $12.99
1/4"thick x 12 x 12" FPLY412 $4.99
1/4"thick x 16" x 16" FPLY416 $8.59
1/4"thick x 16" x 24" FPLY4 $11.99

Wooden Balls Wooden Balls

Quality turned & sanded Wood Balls from 3/8" to 3" diameter.

Save 12-21% when you buy 10 or more!
Add items to your Cart to see final pricing.

Description Item # Price Qty
3/8" diameter BAL0375 $0.16
1/2" diameter BAL05 $0.18
5/8" diameter BAL0625 $0.22
3/4" diameter BAL075 $0.25
7/8" diameter BAL0875 $0.27
1" diameter BAL1 $0.30
1-1/4" diameter BAL125 $0.45
1-1/2" diameter BAL15 $0.66
1-3/4" diameter BAL175 $0.99
2" diameter BAL2 $1.49
2-1/4" diameter BAL225 $2.49
2-1/2" diameter BAL25 $3.49
3" diameter BAL3 $6.29

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