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Ping Pong Ball Launchers Pattern Ping Pong Ball Launchers Pattern

Two rubber-band powered designs that launch ping pong balls up to 30 feet! Hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Great gift idea for Christmas or birthdays.

Our Catapult Launcher is super simple to make and features an easy release trigger......just cock, load and fire. Our Tube Launcher features adjustable launch angles.....just select an angle, insert a ball, pull back on the handles and release. Both designs are powered by our 8" industrial rubber bands and launch our extra soft ping pong balls, both available separately below. Make both unique projects from standard lumber and plywood, pvc pipe, our hardware kit (available separately below) and our full-size pattern. (Launchers up to 12" long)

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Item #: W-W2102

Industrial Grade Rubber Bands Industrial Grade Rubber Bands

25 count bag of 8" long red Industrial Grade Rubber Bands. Perfect for use with our Ping Pong Blasters Pattern #Z-2496 sold separately.

Item #: ZZ-P-166

Ping Pong Balls Ping Pong Balls

12 white ping pong balls for use with our Ping Pong Ball Blasters projects (#Z-2496 sold separately). Note: These balls are slightly smaller and softer than standard ping pong balls.

Item #: ZZ-P-168

Ping Pong Ball Launchers Hardware Kit Ping Pong Ball Launchers Hardware Kit

All the hard-to-find hardware to make both of our fun Ping Pong Ball Launchers assembled in a single kit.

Includes fiberglass rod handle, wood axle pegs, steel pin, brass sleeve, eyescrews, hex bolts, nuts and flat washers.

Item #: W-W2102KIT

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