Lighted Cityscape Silhouette Wall Art Scroll Saw Patterns

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Product Description

Enhance any room in your home with this Stunning Lighted Cityscape display of your favorite city or hometown. Easy construction using 1/4" wood of choice, our ALL NEW battery powered 60 LED Light Kit (available below) and our full-size pattern. Step-by-step instructions ensure your success in making this great project that is sure to receive loads of compliments by everyone.
(Approx. 24" wide)

Product Specs

Sku: 8741

  • ATLANTA, Georgia
    SKU: 8741-ATL
  • BOSTON, Massachusetts
    SKU: 8741-BOS
  • CHICAGO, Illinois
    SKU: 8741-CHI
  • DALLAS, Texas
    SKU: 8741-DAL
  • DETROIT, Michigan
    SKU: 8741-DET
  • HOUSTON, Texas
    SKU: 8741-HOU
  • LOS ANGELES, California
    SKU: 8741-LA
  • LAS VEGAS, Nevada
    SKU: 8741-LV
  • NEW YORK, New York
    SKU: 8741-NY
  • PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
    SKU: 8741-PHI
  • PHOENIX, Arizona
    SKU: 8741-PHO
  • SAN ANTONIO, Texas
    SKU: 8741-SA
  • SAN DIEGO, California
    SKU: 8741-SD
  • SAINT LOUIS, Missouri
    SKU: 8741-SL