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Set of 10 Elegant Art Basket Project Patterns-#2 Set of 10 Elegant Art Basket Project Patterns-#2

By popular demand, a SECOND set of Elegant Art Baskets has just been released for purchase! Like the set before them, these baskets are made with only two pieces of wood, saving you money. Set 2 includes ten brand new, gorgeous designs which produce highly functional accent pieces for your home--and they make great gifts as well. Many of the baskets in this set are "suspended," i.e., the bottom of the basket rests slightly above the surface they are sitting on, held in that position by the innovative design of the base or "leg" pieces. Reviewing all the scroll sawn baskets which have been designed over the past fifteen years, we can say with certainty that these Elegant Art Baskets are like no other baskets on the market today -- they are the most simple, easy-to-build, beautiful baskets you can build with your scroll saw! Sizes range up to 10-1/2" wide. SEE ITEM#7957AC FOR SET #1

Item #: 8048AC